Happy Birthday, Miko!

Miko’s birthday was on Friday, so a few of us went out for dinner on Thursday evening.  We headed to a Korean restaurant near Gran Via which is normally never full, but to our surprise it was 100% full!  The new November intake had planned a dinner there, so we decided to walk over to La Barraca to try their famous paella which Miko had not yet tasted.  The dinner and company were lovely, of course.  I even managed to fake a bathroom break in order to tell the waiter that we needed a birthday cake for Miko.  They turned the lights off, we sang happy birthday and Miko enjoyed his chocolate cake while I broke out some cupcakes for the others.  In most of the guests’ cultures, it is customary for us to treat Miko to the dinner since it was his birthday.  But for Miko, this isn’t an option because he is used to treating guests at his birthday celebration.  Needless to say there was a little negotiation that happened in order to get the bill from Miko, but apparently we need to keep honing our negotiation skills because it didn’t work.  We’ll make it up to him another time though. 😉

Here’s a link to his blog where he has some photos from the night.

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