Term 2 gobbled me up and spit me out.

There are so many MBA memes out there in internet-land and as MBA students, we frequently find them to be true.  Take the following meme, for example.

I have a friend that lives in Madrid.  I have only seen her ONCE since August.  I am watching my savings go down, down, down on a daily basis.  And I spend anywhere from 8 to 17 hours on campus every day including weekends.  First world problems,  I know.  I’m not complaining because I wouldn’t change it for anything.  But I’m sharing this so that it is clear that this isn’t exactly a glamorous, relaxing time.

Luckily, my fellow IE’ers can relate and we are here to support each other.  It is amazing to watch us take the time to help each other study for finals, we share notes and tips, we text each other “good luck”, we make sure everyone knows where we’re headed after the final is over so that we can all relax together and so forth.

A few of us have also noticed that the dynamics are slowing changing throughout the terms.  In Term 1 we were still getting to know each other.  But now, people are establishing deeper one-on-one connections, building the most important friendships, and trying to create new ones that we’ve been meaning to start.  It’ll be interesting to see where Term 3 takes us.  It is our last term together as a class because in Term 4 and 5, students will have the option of taking a variety of electives, doing an exchange in another country, doing an internship, etc.  So our A1 class will no longer exist as it is now.

Enough sad talk because I also have some exciting news…

I applied and was just accepted for a program that begins soon: the Wharton Global Consulting Practicum!!  My school has partnered with the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business to offer this unique program to current MBA students.  I’ll be working with a cross-functional team from Wharton and IE to launch a Peruvian clothing brand in the U.S. Hispanic market.  Not only will I get to have a consultant/client experience, but I’ll be able to utilize my marketing expertise with my knowledge of the U.S. market on a global scale.  It couldn’t be more perfect.

This program is not easy, however.  I start next week (yikes!).  So while my other peers are focused on Term 3, I’ll be focused on Term 3 AND this practicum.  It will be a lot of work, but I couldn’t be happier.  We’ve been told that the little social life we have now will completely disappear.  So if I’ve been bad at communicating, it is only going to get worse unfortunately.  Please continue with the emails and texts though!  I miss you all very much.  More than I know how to express.

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