I had another weekend trip in July.  This time, I stayed in Spain, but headed to a city that I had never visited before: Valencia.  Valencia is located on the east coast of Spain, just 3 hours east of Madrid by train.  Eight of us IE friends rented a really nice 4-bedroom apartment (which ends up being a very CHEAP option – even cheaper than a hostel!) in the center of the city.  Valencia is famous for its beach, its architecture, its food, its cathedrals, and its aquarium and science museum.  We managed to experience all in one weekend! – that’s what happens when you travel with a McKinsey consultant who plans the whole trip 🙂

Since I’m short on time, I’m just going to leave you with some photos of the highlights.

IMG_2861 IMG_2866 IMG_2871 IMG_2875 IMG_2889 IMG_2907 IMG_2913 IMG_2919 IMG_2923 IMG_2930 IMG_2947 IMG_2955 IMG_2966 IMG_2970 IMG_2981 IMG_3005 IMG_3031 IMG_3056 IMG_3070


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2 Responses to Valencia

  1. Elias says:

    Paella valenciana, I assume? Looks delicious!

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