I’m baaaaack!

After a long delay, I’m writing my first blog in almost 2 months.  I’m trying not to be so hard on myself for ignoring the blog for so long.

So what have I been up to?  How were finals, you ask?

Finals turned out ok.  IE has a curve grading policy, so even if I came out of an exam feeling ok, I still wasn’t sure how I fared compared to everyone else in my class.  I just had to wait.  But in the end, I wasn’t #1 and that’s ok.  I’m happy with where I ended the first term.

What I loved about finals was how many of the students came together to help each other out.  I can’t remember camaraderie and fellowship quite like this as an undergraduate.  During the period leading up to finals, the study rooms and hallways were abuzz with people studying.  We have a certain number of hours per term to reserve a study room.  I’m so glad I saved those up, because I used them ALL during this time!

One thing that I quickly learned was that I need time to study alone before I started collaborating with others and even before I sit in the same room.  I need absolute quiet time.  I picked the room on the top floor, furthest from the elevator.  It was nice and quiet and I found myself most productive in that scenario.  Once I was comfortable with a subject, I would join my friends and review.

And in true Madrid fashion, upon finishing our last exam, we headed to a bar near IE.  I didn’t take many photos, just a few which I included below.  But you can check out more photos at my friend Miko’s blog where you can get a good feel for how much we took over that bar.  I would estimate close to 70-100 people were there.  After celebrating at 10:30 am with champagne, I walked home and took a nap before heading to La Terraza that evening for an IE gathering.  La Terraza is inside the famous Bernabeu Stadium, home of the Real Madrid soccer team.  It was a great way to end our first term!

Marcelo and I, investing in a bottle of champagne!

Marcelo and I, investing in a bottle of champagne!

Stefano and I, overlooking the stadium from La Terraza.

Stefano and I, overlooking the stadium from La Terraza.

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