Global Village

Before finals, IE hosted its 9th Global Village.  I was so ecstatic for this event because I had read about it on IE’s website well before applying to the MBA program.  It is an event that celebrates the cultural and culinary diversity of the many different nationalities that attend IE.  It is just the type of event that I enjoy attending in Kansas City.  I was pretty sick that week, but I tried my best to pull myself together.  Unfortunately, it was also on one of the hottest days thus far.

Leading up to Global Village, some students had formed a USA Club in hopes that we could have a USA booth at the event.  Although we had nothing to perform, we knew we could throw together some yummy food and a rockin’ playlist.  And that we did.  We knew that the day would be extremely hot, so we went with simple foods that would keep people cool like slices of watermelon and iced tea.  We also made carrot cake and chicken wings.  Not exactly representative of the entire United States, but it was pretty good considering our limited access to ingredients and our short planning time.

I had volunteered to work at our USA booth for the first half of the day and that proved to be a big challenge for me, but I managed to keep a smile on my face (well, at least for the photos)!

Fighting a cold + fighting the heat = a miserable Rachel

How many things in this picture are from the US? (except for the ladies, of course!) Photo c/o Miko

How many things in this picture are from the US? (except for the ladies, of course!)
Photo c/o Miko

USA meets India & New Zealand

USA meets India & New Zealand
Photo c/o Prasad

The saddest part is that I could barely enjoy the different performances and I lacked an appetite to enjoy the other foods.  Some of my friends had performed a Bollywood dance, some joined a Mariachi group for a Mexican folk song.  There were food booths from Lebanon to Ireland to Azerbaijan!  They were all very impressive.  It had me thinking what I would perform if we were to do an American dance.  Maybe Beyonce’s Single Ladies?  Let me know if you have any recommendations!  Hopefully IE will move the event earlier into Spring so that I can enjoy it properly before I graduate. *fingers crossed*

More photos can be found here if you’re interested.

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